Welcome to OnlyPaige!
Welcome to OnlyPaige!

Welcome to OnlyPaige!

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Exclusive Pictures

I'm sharing hundreds of new pictures never before seen on my social media.

Private Live Streams

Get access to private livestreams where you can ask me questions and get a more intimate look at my life.

Chat with Paige

New Community section let's you chat directly with Paige and other OP members.

Special Access

Exclusive, subscriber only access to photos videos, and exciting partner deals and opportunities.

Golf Content

My life wouldn't be complete without golf, and neither would this subscription.

Hundreds of Ways to Know Paige

This subscription is an exciting, fun way to connect with me like never before, including everything from golf instruction and peeks into my everyday life, to behind the scenes of special events and photoshoots. I’ll be uploading fresh, new content multiple times per week, and will check in on exclusive live streams often. Join now to get VIP Access to original content you won’t see anywhere else. - XO, Paige

The Bunker

This is what you came here for. Photos of me you won't see anywhere else, except by being a member of OnlyPaige!


A play on the term "Instagram Reels," Reals are true, inside looks at my day-to-day life! These cover a wide range of topics from golf, travel, beauty, lifestyle, gym, and more.

Live Streams

Live Streams you won't find on Instagram! Join me on the next members-only Live Stream, and be sure to submit your question - I might answer it Live!

Next Live Stream · TBD


I sat down and answered a bunch of my most frequently asked questions. From "Are your boobs real?" to "Who's your least favorite pro golfer?" I answered them all here!


Behind-the-scenes moments from events, travel, photoshoots, and more that you won't see anywhere else, except by being a member of OnlyPaige!

Sunday at 12:00 ET

The wait is over...

Shot on location at Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, Florida, each month is filled with a never-before-seen photo to help you celebrate every day in 2024.

It Wouldn't Be Paige Without Golf

Your subscription also gives you access to countless hours of exclusive golf content unavailable anywhere else. From golf instruction for players at any level to course vlogs, OnlyPaige has got you covered.

Bucket List Courses

Let's visit the world's most beautiful courses together.

Just the Tip

In "Just the Tip" I give you quick and easy fixes to help your golf game! 


I'm showing you my favorite golf games you can play alone or with friends!

Shot Shaping

In this Series, I'll teach you a few quick and easy tips to work the golf ball like a Tour pro!

Just the Basics

Everything you need to know about the game. From what to wear, to how to keep score, and so much more.

Mental Game

It’s time to tap into the five inches between your ears.

Swing Fixes

From slices to shanks, I walk you through how to correct the most common missed shots in golf.

Course Management

We're walking through how to become a smarter golfer through course management.

Full Swing

From grip, to setup, to striking a pose at follow through, I'll explain how to build and perfect your golf swing, step-by-step!


My chipping has always been the best part of my game, and now I'm sharing my best tips and drills.


The smallest motion in your game can make the biggest impact. Let's perfect it together.

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