“FromPaige” Personalized Content Terms of Service

FromPaige videos are videos created by Paige Spiranac delivered to those who purchase.  These can contain personal or personalized messages from Paige to subscribers or third parties.  They are a wonderful way to get to “know” Paige, and have her say “hello” to you or your friends.

Through OnlyPaige, you may obtain personalized videos (“FromPaige Videos”) from Paige Spiranac. You may submit a request to Paige Spiranac for a FromPaige Video that is personalized for you or a third-party that you identify as a recipient (“Recipient”).

  1. You acknowledge and agree that Paige Spiranac has sole discretion to determine whether and how to fulfill your request, and the content of the FromPaige Video created and may not follow your request exactly. We reserve the right to reject any request in our sole discretion. Typically, Paige Spiranac will take seven to ten business days (at our sole discretion) to fulfill or decline your request, but this timeline may depend on schedule and availability. If such a request is not fulfilled within the described timeframe, OnlyPaige will, in its sole discretion, issue a refund for the purchase. 

  1. You understand that Paige will not create sexually explicit content, nor will she create or permit to be created materials that contain nudity, offensive content, or materials that are intended to, or likely to have the effect of being insulting, offensive, derogatory, or otherwise inappropriate. You warrant and represent that you will not create or permit to be created (including through artificial intelligence or related programs) any derivative works or any works that falsely represent that they are from Paige Spiranac. You also agree not  to create or permit to be created any AI generated nude or sexually explicit images purporting to be of Paige Spiranac, and agree to cooperate fully in any efforts by Paige or her representatives to identify the source of any such images and to assist in the removal of such images.  Paige and her representatives are the sole arbiters of what content they will create and what is not appropriate.

  1. Typically, FromPaige videos are short in length, approximately a minute long.  We make no warranty or representation of the length of the video, nor do we warrant its fitness for its intended use. 

  1. FromPaige videos will be delivered to the email address you provide.  If you do not receive them, make sure you check your SPAM or Junk Mail folder.  If you still do not receive a video that you have ordered and paid for, contact members@onlypaige.com.

You acknowledge and agree that:

  1. OnlyPaige will not be liable or responsible for any FromPaige Video or other offering requested by you or any submission (defined below) you make;

  1. You have no expectation of privacy with respect to any FromPaige Video requested by you or any Submission (defined below) you make, and you will not make any request or Submission that infringes on the privacy or other rights of a third-party;

  1. the OnlyPaige watermark on each FromPaige Video must remain intact, and you agree not to edit, change, modify, cover, or remove the watermark from any FromPaige Video or assist or encourage any third-party to do so; you further agree not to edit, change, modify, or create any derivative work of a FromPaige Video or assist or encourage any third-party to do so.  You also agree not to use any video editing or artificial intelligence program to create materials that appear to have been created by or generated by Paige or OnlyPaige.com, or that appear to depict Paige. Violating this provision will result in immediate revocation of your license to use the content, in addition to any remedies stated herein;

  1. if you breach any provisions of these Terms, we terminate your access to our Site, or we remove or ban you (or any Site account you created or control), your license to use any FromPaige Video, or other offering under these Terms, terminates and you must: promptly remove all copies of any FromPaige Video, or other offering, in your possession or control, including from any social media platform; notify any Recipient of the termination and instruct them to do the same, and take any other action we reasonably request, including identifying each recipient.  You agree to cooperate with our efforts to identify the source and destination of any content posted or used in violation of our license, and to instruct any ISP’s or third party hosting entities or social media entities to cooperate in our efforts to enforce the provisions of these terms; and

  1. without limiting any of our rights, any request you submit through our Site may be rejected by us; if that happens more than once, we may terminate your access to our Site, remove or ban you (and any Site account you created or control), or take other appropriate action in OnlyPaige’s sole discretion, including terminating your license to use any FromPaige Video or other offering under these Terms and requiring you to take the actions outlined in Section 7.a.

  1. FromPaige Videos are licensed, not sold. You are buying the right (or license) to use it, not the actual FromPaige Video itself.

  1. Subject to your payment in full, Paige Spiranac hereby grants to you the following limited rights to use the watermarked FromPaige Video solely for your own personal, non-commercial, and non-promotional purposes, subject to these Terms: a non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid, worldwide, sublicensable, revocable license to use, reproduce, distribute, and publicly display that FromPaige Video, in any and all media (for example, on social media platforms), whether now known or hereafter invented or devised.

  1. You may not sell, resell, commercialize, or encumber your rights in any FromPaige Offering, including creating a non-fungible token (“NFT”) from any FromPaige Offering. You may not create a derivative work from the FromPaige video.  You may sublicense your rights in a FromPaige Video only to the extent necessary for you to use the FromPaige Video as permitted under these Terms (for example, sharing it with friends on a social media platform or sending it to a recipient for personal, non-commercial, and non-promotional purposes as set forth above).

  1. You may use a FromPaige Video only in accordance with these Terms, and the terms of access and use for OnlyPaige.com. We may terminate all or part of the foregoing licenses at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to remove a FromPaige Video from our Site at any time for any reason without any notice to you.

  1. These obligations are in addition to any obligations under the terms of service or terms or of use or other policies of OnlyPaige.com


  1. Age: You must be at least 18 years old (or, outside of the United States, the applicable legal age to enter into a contract) to use OnlyPaige and access or request FromPaige video. By requesting the creation of a FromPaige video, you warrant and represent that you are above 18 or of the legal age to enter into a contract, and agree to be bound by both this agreement, the terms of service and terms of use of OnlyPaige.com, and any quasi contracts which may be created through your use of the service. 

  2. Eligibility Representations and Warranties: You represent and warrant that:

    1. you have not been prohibited from using or accessing any aspect of our Site by us or pursuant to any applicable law or regulation;

    2. you will comply with all applicable terms of any third-party payment provider we select, and you are not on a prohibited list of that payment provider;

    3. you (and any OnlyPaige account that you created or control) have not been previously banned or removed from OnlyPaige for any reason; and

    4. you are not a convicted sex offender and are not on any sex offender registry.

Fees and Payment

  1. Fees: The fee for a FromPaige Video or other offering is specified on OnlyPaige when you make your request. You agree to pay all amounts due in accordance with the payment terms in effect when you submit your request or purchase merchandise, including any applicable service, transaction, or processing fees.

  1. Currency: Transactions are settled in U.S. dollars (“USD”). You will be responsible for payment of any fees or expenses imposed by your payment card provider or the payment processor to settle the transaction in USD. From time to time, OnlyPaige may settle transactions in a currency other than USD to reduce or eliminate the fees and expenses associated with currency conversion.

  2. Payment: You may request a FromPaige Video by using a valid payment card through the applicable third-party payment provider (Stripe). You must provide the third-party payment provider with valid payment information (Visa, MasterCard, or other issuer accepted by the payment provider). You acknowledge and agree that OnlyPaige does not operate, own, or control the payment provider. Your use of your payment card is governed by your agreement with and the privacy policy of the payment provider, not these Terms. You agree to immediately notify the payment provider of any change in your billing address (or other information) for your payment card. You may not return or exchange a FromPaige Video and no refunds will be issued.

    1. Website: By providing your payment information, you agree that OnlyPaige may place a pre-authorization hold and, after your request has been fulfilled, authorize the payment provider to immediately charge you for all amounts due and payable with no additional notice to or consent from you.

  3. OnlyPaige reserves the right (but is under no obligation) to cancel your request for any FromPaige Video or other offering if: (i) your payment method is declined; or (ii) you have previously been banned or removed from our Site for any reason. OnlyPaige also reserves the right at any time to change its fees and payment procedures, including its payment options and terms, either immediately upon posting on our Site or by other notice to you.

  4. Payment Questions: If you have a question about a purchase made or a charge to your payment card, please contact us at members@onlypaige.com. We have the sole discretion to determine how billing disputes between us will be resolved.

  5. Taxes: If your purchase obligates OnlyPaige to collect a sales tax, use tax, or any other equivalent tax (“Sales Tax”) from you, OnlyPaige will collect Sales Tax in addition to the fee for your purchase. If you have not remitted applicable Sales Tax to OnlyPaige, you will be responsible for the payment of the Sales Tax (and any related penalties or interest) to the appropriate tax authority and you will indemnify OnlyPaige for any liability or expense OnlyPaige may incur in connection with the payment of Sales Taxes on your purchases. At OnlyPaige’s request, you will provide reasonable assistance and documentation relating to the payment of Sale Taxes on your purchases from OnlyPaige (for example, official receipts issued by the appropriate tax authority confirming that you have paid all applicable taxes).


  1. You acknowledge and agree that each “FromPaige” Video or other offering from Paige Spiranac is owned by Paige Spiranac.  Any such work is not a work for hire, and Paige Spiranac and/or OnlyPaige is the sole owner of the copyright and moral rights to such work.  You agree not to make or permit to be made any derivative work.